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iOS APP从打包到发布appStore完整流程(含4位版本号实现)

一.iOS APP从打包到发布appStore完整流程 1.首先确保代码里面连接的是正式环境,选择上传appStore对应的pp文件(如果1.3.8.1包在appstore不是已经审核通过,都可以再次用1.3.8.1版本上传,只要bulid和上次不一样既可以,一般是累加) Paste_Image.png 因为生产环境archive包其实选的是这个configration (Release) Paste_ ...
KB_MoreShare 2017-6-7 16:20
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现在很多APP在tableView加载图片的时候会给图片一个加载的效果这是我做的DEMO看一下效果 图片加载.gif 首先来介绍一下这个 SDWebImage 这个著名开源框架吧, 这个开源框架的主要作用就是: Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category. 一个异步下载图片并且支持缓存的 UII ...
KB_MoreShare 2017-6-7 14:27
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iOS 禁止textField和textView的复制粘贴菜单

# notCopyTextView 禁止 UITextView和UITextField的粘贴和复制菜单 ![图片描述](/data/attachment/album/201706/06/141448h48848cax78f848f.gif) ![图片描述](/data/attachment/album/201706/06/141459of3sdqcvfsgwajcv.gif) #usage #把NoPasteTextField.h和NoPasteTextField.m NoPasteTextView.h和NoPasteT ...
半吱湮 2017-6-6 14:16
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 6月6日消息 早就被iPhone 8消息搞得沸沸扬扬的苹果2017WWDC终于来了。苹果CEO库克一上场,就开门见山宣布将带来 6 项内容更新,依次是TV OS、Watch OS、Mac OS和iMac Pro新一体机、iOS 11、新款iPad Pro以及传闻已久的智能音箱HomePod。iPhone 8的消息被苹果捂了个严严实实,可能真的等到今年9月份才能一睹真容了。iO ...
hellokenken 2017-6-6 10:19
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Creating Safer Roads for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are fuishing significant and breeding technological development: Advanced sensors and neural networks are two examples. But the technology needed to enable autonomous driving violous as just as vehicles: The roads they operate on can also benefit from technological advancements ...
albertalley 2017-6-5 18:46
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How the Industrial IoT Can Drive Greater Efficiency in Manufacturing

What would happen if perpetual motion was a reality? It is probably that perpetual Motion remains confined to the pages of sci-fi books.While there have been many attempts to create perpetual motion machines, if the machine is to of practical use, there's a significant obstacle to overfolded and des ...
albertalley 2017-6-5 18:42
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Millimeter Wavelengths, the Next Wireless Frontier

The use of very high frequencies for communication has always been "just around the corner", where because of significant technical challenges it's no for 50 years. Now, faced with scarce spectrum available at inferior frequencies, the wireless industry is determined to overcome TheThe fifth generat ...
albertalley 2017-6-5 18:40
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A “Stiff” Supply Ensures Consistent System Performance

Imagine you’ve gone through dozens of possible DC-output supplies on the market and picked the one with the required output voltage, maximum current rating, size, form factor, and price. You put it in the system and start some tests and performance is inconsistent—sometimes everything runs fine fo ...
albertalley 2017-6-5 18:37
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![从Block说开去](http://upload-images.jianshu.io/upload_images/1835430-2b26e7f92ebaaa93.png?imageMogr2/auto-orient/strip%7CimageView2/2/w/1240) 近来把《iOS与OS X多线程和内存管理》这本书又掏出来看了一遍,这本书前前后后加起来看了能有三四遍了,每次看都有新的理解。现在就把个人对Block的一些理解记录下来 ...
老司机Wicky 2017-6-5 15:22
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一、小酌一下MVVM在这呢也不赘述什么是MVC,神马又是MVVM了,在百度上谷歌一下一抓一大把,在这儿就简单的提上一嘴。下面的Demo用的就是MVVM的架构模式。Model层是少不了的了,我们得有东西充当DTO(数据传输对象),当然,用字典也是可以的,编程么,要灵活一些。Model层是比较薄的一层,如果学过Java的小伙伴的话,对JavaBean ...
BlueManlove 2017-6-5 11:12
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1. IGListKit 作者是 Instagram EngineeringInstagram 程序员做的,IGListKit 是数据驱动的 UICollectionView 框架,为了构建快速和可扩展的列表。另外,它有助于你在 app 结束对于大量视图控制器的使用。看看这篇来自 Ray Wenderlich 的教程,关于如何在项目中实现这个库,或者读读这篇 Rodrigo Cavalcante 的文章,关于迁 ...
BlueManlove 2017-6-5 09:52
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Why Elixir

We're excited to announce the launch of our new  Elixir Path  today! Elixir is a reason new programming language that's been gaining a lot of popular among developers. It was created in 2011 by José Valim, a long-time contributor to the Ruby community At the time, José and his colleagues ...
albertalley 2017-6-3 17:05
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Swift 3.0 Developer Preview

Apple released the first official developer preview of Swift 3.0 bundled with Xcode 8, and although it contains a bunch of great improvements, like function parameters required by default, new Foundation types, and integration with the new Swift Package Manager, it also contained one really Big chan ...
albertalley 2017-6-3 17:02
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Essential Tools for Ember Developers

Code is always the star in a web framework. Articles, guides, and tutorials will always show us the code first. When we invest in a technology, though, we also need to consider the quality of ancillary tools for an optimal development experience.The Ember ecosystem has first-class tools to support o ...
albertalley 2017-6-3 16:59
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